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Custumer testimonials

Some MICROPLAST-ECOM customers testify to tell what they think of the collaboration with our company. 

Charles Olivier OUDIN BEE'S DREAM - développement de produits MICROPLAST

Since our first contact last February, Microplast Ecom has been able to respond at every stage of our product development. By committing itself during the industrialization step of our concept, manufacturing and that of mold financing, Microplast Ecom met our needs in terms of quality and price. 

Convinced by our unique concept, the collaboration between Bee’s dream and Microplast Ecom was a natural one because, although our project is very innovative in the very particular world of bees, Microplast Ecom has been able to be a force of proposals with technical and financial solutions adapted to the DNA of Bee’s dream. 

The bet is held for Bee’s dream because the results obtained are more than satisfactory and confirm us in the partnership with Microplast Ecom as to their expertise and know-how in plastics

Charles-Olivier OUDIN

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